Formations, Motions, Cadence, Tempos and ID


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This is a Multiple Tempo, West Coast Passing Offense with 5 Core Power Run Plays

Does your offense have Objectives, a System, Themes, Formulas, and Style? Let Coach McManus show you how to clarify what you are trying to do on offense.

Do you want to confuse the defense with a bunch of formations? Coach McManus uses 20 words to get into over 50 FORMATIONS!!!

Does your motions put more stress on the defense? How quickly can you change the strength of your formation.

Coach McManus MACATTACK is extremely fast!!! 9 Tempos for an offense that never huddles. EVER

How do you ID the defensive Front? Are you wasting valuable time during season creating names for defenses? Then you need Coach McManus’ system that is based on only 2 things.

What are the TWO most important things a QB needs to know for coverage?

This video is the philosophy behind a fast tempo, no huddle, multiple formation spread power run game offense.