Pistol Wing T Trick Plays

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From off-season to weekly game plan to Friday Night, Coach Stewart shows how he attacks 3-3, 5-3, and Bear defenses. Coach Stewart loves to go against 3-3 stack teams, rushing for over 400 yards many times. Off Season Scouting: In the spring Stewart self scouts how he attacked each team on his schedule since their “wing t” defense is usually not what you see in trade. Reacting diagrams, down & distance charts, and personnel are all stored in a file to save time when he faces that team in the upcoming season. In Season Scouting: Stewart shows you his weekly plan after you trade films. He diagrams the best plays & formations to run against the 3-3 Post Game Scout & Analysis: See how quickly you can grade your players and analyze what you need to work on in the upcoming week.


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